Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom & dad.

It was taken after they had gotten engaged. It's so strange thinking about what they were like before my sister and I came along. I love seeing the outfits my mom wore in her 20's. She had that great Asian, fashion-forward, sense of style. 

I remember she had these amazing burgundy boots when I was in elementary school. We wear the same shoe size and I was so disappointed when I found out she had gotten rid of them. She's pretty disappointed that she didn't keep them either!

Is there any article of clothing you've seen in a pic and wished your mom had kept to give to you?

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cindy said...

that picture is so sweet.
my mom had really awesome 70s clothes, but my grandma had the sickest pieces ever. i wish i had this robin's egg blue coat she wore in an easter photo...