Saturday, January 24, 2009

#27 - Day 52 - Happy Birthday Brayden!

(photo courtesy of my dad)

It's Friday morning and everyone is anticipating Brayden's arrival! Phyllis's water broke while she was in the hospital the night before and  the doctors had already started the Pitocin that morning, so there was nothing else to do but wait. 

Luckily I didn't have any appointments scheduled in the morning, so I could see Phyllis before the delivery. I did have an appointment at 1:30PM, but the timing ended up being perfect. I was about to leave my house for my appointment when I received a call from Jason saying Phyllis was going to start pushing soon. I went to my appointment, the entire time thinking of Phyllis and praying that everything would go smoothly. After I finished my inspection, I raced to the hospital. My parents had arrived a little while before, so I joined them in the waiting room. 

We were joined by Jason's parents who had driven in from Kansas. We all kept shifting our eyes from each other during conversation to the door to the Women's Center. Finally, we saw Jason talking on the phone and walking down the hall towards the waiting room.

Everyone stood up to hear the news. We could tell by his smile that everything had gone well.
"Hang up the phone!"
 "How are they?"
"Who are you talking to?"

Jason hung up and told us the news. Brayden was born at 2:24PM. He was 21 inches long and 9lbs. 10oz.

9lbs. 10oz.!!!

Jason let us know that we would be able to see Phyllis and Brayden in about an hour after she had some time to recover. 

As the unofficial family photographer/videographer, I was the 1st one to walk in the room. I turned around and was able to capture the grandparents' faces when they saw their new grandson. 

Phyllis was exhausted, as she very well should be. I don't know how women do it... that is a BIG baby! (My mom still wins the prize for my family though... Phyllis was 10 lbs. 2 oz. and my mom did not have the luxury of getting an epidural, or any drugs for that matter!)

Dad, I mean Grandpa, was the 1st to hold Brayden

Followed by Grandma/Halmoni (Korean, pronounced hal-muh-nee). 

And after being passed around to the other grandparents, it was his Imo's turn! (Imo is Korean for aunt - pronounced "emo".)

This is what happened:

I am so thankful that Phyllis made it through the delivery without any problems and that Brayden is healthy. It doesn't hurt that's he's cute either! I can't tell yet whether or not he's going to look the least bit Korean... his eyes are still grayish blue and he has blonde peach fuzz on his head. I think it will be a couple of weeks before he stops looking like every other newborn (red, squinty eyed, chubby cheeks) and starts looking like "himself". Maybe he'll look more Asian then. We'll see!

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