Monday, January 12, 2009

#27 - Day 39

A few months ago,while reading a bunch of stuff about Route 66, I found out about the Blue Whale of Catoosa. I like seeing random quirky things, so I told myself that the next time I was in Tulsa, I would take a little detour and see this old landmark. 

Friday I happened to be in Tulsa on business and was able to make my way out to Catoosa. I didn't have any directions, so either it was my awesome navigational skills and inner compass that allowed me to find the whale or it could just have been the fact that Catoosa's way tiny and Route 66 is the biggest road in the whole town. ( I guarantee you it's the former.)

There's nothing much to the whale now and "No Swimming" signs are posted on the boarded up snack shack, but I bet it was a good time in the 70s. You know, if it hadn't have been 50 degrees outside and if the water didn't look like it was infested with snakes and dead bodies, I might have been tempted to take a dip.  

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