Saturday, January 24, 2009

#27 - Day 51

I know what you must be thinking... Sushi 2 days in a row? When I crave sushi, I really crave it! I heard an advertisement on the radio for Buddha Tao Bistro's Happy Hour. Half priced sushi rolls are just too hard to resist! Plus it was a great way to check out the restaurant for the 1st time. Me & Kristi went Thursday after work and had 2 rolls each. I tried the Sweet Tooth roll (snow crab, shrimp. avocado, spicy sauce), the Tiger's Eye roll (salmon, cream cheese, red bell pepper all tempura fried and rolled in soy paper with eel sauce), and the Red Snapper nigirisushi. The Tiger's Eye roll was a-ma-zing and the red snapper wasn't too bad. I had the White Cranberry Martini - so good! 

My check was 1/2 of what I paid at Sushi Neko the night before! We decided that we were going to make this happy hour a weekly thing... I could totally do it every other day, but I don't want to pull a Jeremy Piven

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