Sunday, November 22, 2009

#27 - Day 349

love. this. kid!

#27 - Day 348

This is what happens to your face after taking a shot of sake.

#27 - Day 347

Origami cranes!

#27 - Day 346

I'm all about parents displaying their children's artwork, but you have to draw the line sometime. Perhaps when their art looks like a creepy forensic sketch...

#27 - Day 345

A home in Edgemere Park.

Maybe one of these day's I'll live in one of these houses instead of just climbing on the roofs for work.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

#27 - Day 344

#27 - Day 343

#27 - Day 342

tights. as. pants.

#27 - Day 341

#27 - Day 340


2 layers of gross vinyl flooring.

#27 - Day 339

Say hi to Mr. Origami Swan.

#27 - Day 338

Stagg Acoustic Guitar 205 Series.

#23 - Learn How to Play the Guitar

When I was really little, my tape recorder was my favorite thing to play with. I would record radio shows, read books, sing, or just spout off random babble into the microphone. Often I would do this when my sister was practicing playing piano. You could even hear her playing in the background on some of the tapes. I remember thinking how lucky I was that I got to play while she had boring practice. Little did I know that it wouldn't be very long until I would start to play as well.

I was never really excited about the piano. I never liked practicing and I HATED recitals. I endured this from grade school until the beginning of high school. I finally convinced my mom to let me quit.

In high school a little part of me wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I ignored those feelings because I knew my mom and I knew what she would say - "You wouldn't practice piano, how do I know you will practice the guitar? Why should I pay for lessons and a guitar when you are just going to end up letting it collect dust?"

Why do mom's have to be so logical?

Well I have continued to want to play the guitar, so I finally took the plunge and purchased one a few weeks ago. We'll see how this goes!

P.S. The guys at Lone Wolf Guitars are awesome. I definitely felt a lot more comfortable going in there than I would have been walking into Guitar Center. Guitar Center is way too big and intimidating for a clueless beginner. You gotta gradually work up to that place!

#27 - Day 337 - Antique Shopping Find of the Day

Where: Apple Tree Antiques - Bethany, OK
What: 'N Sync bobbleheads

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here are some real gems. Lance Bass and JC Chasez bobbleheads still in the box! Don't know why the original owner decided to take Chris "No one really cares about this guy" Kirkpatrick out of the box. - Oh wait... Probably because they knew he wouldn't be worth anything IN the box. As you can see, Timberlake and Joey Fatone are missing. I can think of 2 reasons why: 1. The original owner though they would be more valuable in the future and therefore decided to keep them or 2. Someone bought them before I could (totally kidding).

I started to write about why I thought it was logical that JC, Lance and Chris were left, followed by my ranking of each NSync member. Then I realized I have spent more time thinking about NSync in the past 15 minutes than I ever did in middle school. I had to get out of the Nsync vortex while I still could. First it started with Googling Chris to find out his last name (if he didn't have those weird dreadlocks in 1996, no one would know he existed), then I went to Lance Bass' wikipedia page... if I didn't get out when I did, who knows what would have happened... I could have ended up purchasing all their music on iTunes and canceling my plans to night to have a one-person dance party - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Dang you Internet! You and your addictive stream of useless information!

#27 - Day 336

Someone needs a pedicure...

#27 - Day 335


Monday, November 2, 2009

#27 - Day 330 - Antique Shopping Find of the Day

Where: The Rink Gallery

Hey Jon Gosselin, I found the perfect dresser for you. I don't think anyone else would appreciate it more than you...

#27 - Day 329

#27 - Day 328

Costume party on Friday... Good times!

Here's the feather skirt and tail... I left a trail of feathers everywhere I went!

#27 - Day 327

More of my Halloween costume.

#27 - Day 326

Decided to make my Halloween costume this year after being inspired by something Maegan posted recently.

#27 - Day 325

another day, another dollar.