Saturday, November 21, 2009

#23 - Learn How to Play the Guitar

When I was really little, my tape recorder was my favorite thing to play with. I would record radio shows, read books, sing, or just spout off random babble into the microphone. Often I would do this when my sister was practicing playing piano. You could even hear her playing in the background on some of the tapes. I remember thinking how lucky I was that I got to play while she had boring practice. Little did I know that it wouldn't be very long until I would start to play as well.

I was never really excited about the piano. I never liked practicing and I HATED recitals. I endured this from grade school until the beginning of high school. I finally convinced my mom to let me quit.

In high school a little part of me wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I ignored those feelings because I knew my mom and I knew what she would say - "You wouldn't practice piano, how do I know you will practice the guitar? Why should I pay for lessons and a guitar when you are just going to end up letting it collect dust?"

Why do mom's have to be so logical?

Well I have continued to want to play the guitar, so I finally took the plunge and purchased one a few weeks ago. We'll see how this goes!

P.S. The guys at Lone Wolf Guitars are awesome. I definitely felt a lot more comfortable going in there than I would have been walking into Guitar Center. Guitar Center is way too big and intimidating for a clueless beginner. You gotta gradually work up to that place!

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