Monday, March 30, 2009

#27 - Day 118

Keys to my new house!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

#27 - Day 117

Brayden looks like a little old man with his arms crossed like that! He's so adorable... he's starting to smile and I was lucky enough to get a picture. 

He's wearing his "I Love My Aunt" bib, but every time we tried to move his arms so I could take a picture of it, he blocked it. Ornery little kid...

#27 - Day 116

Met up with Chance and Amanda while they were here in OKC for the weekend. It's tradition to meet up at Tai Pei Chinese Restaurant, talk about old times, catch up on what's new, all the while letting our stomach lining disintegrate from the MSG.

#27 - Day 115 - Profit Sharing Day!

Hangin' out at Hudsons with Christina and Lisa to celebrate Profit Sharing Day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

#27 - Day 114

The past few weeks I have been driving past these beautiful purple trees thinking how I'd love to have one in my yard. Then lo-and-behold, I drive up for the final walk-through of my new house* this evening... and I see this! The last time that I was here the tree was bare, so this was a lovely surprise!

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

*Technically it's not my new house until I close tomorrow, but who really cares about those little details? :)


#27 - Day 113

All in a days work...

#27 - Day 112

Oh hail!

#27 - Day 111

One of my favorite buildings in OKC. 

#27 - Day 110

I always get a little excited when I open my mailbox to find these lovely red envelopes!

#27 - Day 109 - Antique Shopping

Found this table and fell in love with it. Since I don't feel like shelling out $480 for it, I talked to my dad and he's going to help me make one like it!

This bookcase made me die! I LOVE the ladder.

Creepiest find of the day. What's even creepier is that the guy died on my birthday. Who the crap wants a coffin? And why is it not buried in the ground?

#27 - Day 108

Friday, March 20, 2009

#27 - Day 107

Study, Study, Study. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#27 - Day 106


Best Sonic commercial ever: "I do know one thing; them penguins are some funny lookin' birds!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#27 - Day 105

Most used purchase as of late: this water bottle.

#27 - Day 104

This little guy had it out for me the other day. I think he spit up on me every time I held him for more than 2 seconds! The first time we were at Kohl's and I wasn't expecting it. So in my surprise (and disgust), I started yelling for Phyllis to take him - I believe my exact words were, "Help! Oh my gosh! SOMEONE take him!" I looked up and this couple was just laughing at me. Phyllis was on the other side of the children's department. I figured it would be better to have his mom rescue me than a complete stranger. I don't need to be responsible for a "Code Adam" or "Amber Alert" or whatever. No thank you sir.

#27 - Day 103

When given the choice of either wasting 1/4 of my leftover burger and fries or teaching my dog bad habits by giving him human food, I chose the latter. 

Crossing my fingers that he won't beg for food now...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

#27 - Day 102 - Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. What else do you do but watch a scarey movie?

This is what we looked like after watching The Last House on the Left.
Talk about gruesome and creepy. Oh. My. Word. 
I have never hid my face so many times in a movie... I always thought the curb-biting scene in American History X was cringe-worthy, but I would rather watch that scene 5 times in a row than some of the scenes in The Last House.

I'm pretty sure we were the loudest people in the theatre tonight. I think we entertained our neighbors with our face hiding, screeching, and comments to the screen. I swear, if I weren't watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and drinking a glass of wine, I'd probably have trouble sleeping tonight. Come on Mr. McConaughey, make the bad dreams go away and fill them with thoughts of your lovely abs and Southern drawl. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

#2 - Visit Every Ocean

I have lived in the center of the United States for the majority of my life. Growing up, our family vacations were pretty low-key. We visited family in the midwest or Texas and occasionally we would spend an exciting, fun-filled week in Branson, weaving baskets at Silver Dollar City and going to shows where guys performed on rhinestone studded grand pianos. It was never my parents' style to go to the beach or on cruises. The only time my family went to the beach was when we were visiting family in Houston. I was in the 3rd grade and I was given the choice of going to my cousin's swim meet or going with the rest of the family to Galveston. I picked the former. What was I thinking? A swim meet?! Galveston is definitely D List when it comes to beaches, but compared to a children's swim meet, it jumps to Brad Pitt status.

After graduating from high school, I have been to a few beaches. Galveston for one Spring Break in college, saw the Pacific when visiting family in San Francisco, the North Sea in 2005, and Santa Monica last year. 

Santa Monica, 2008

Now that I have the Pacific under my belt, I just need the other 4. 

#27 - Day 101

3 days ago it was 80 degrees. 

Make up your mind Oklahoma!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#27 - Day 100

Cobra Kai eat your heart out. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Purging everything...

Listing more stuff on Craigslist...

My house is going to look pretty empty if I sell everything, but that just means the move to the new house will be crazy easy. AND maybe I won't hear my parents say, " Hey Abby, you need to find a boyfriend so he can help you move." This will be my 4th move in 4 years and it always turns out that I am not dating anyone when moving day rolls around. 

I think it is just another opportunity for my parents to express how much they want to see me married with children. I think deep down inside it makes them really nervous that I am 25 and not in a serious relationship. Like 25 is the new 55 and I am already an old maid. Somebody hurry and buy me some cats! Crap! I don't even know how to play Bridge. Good thing Wal-Mart's open 24 hours - I've gotta hurry up and by some clear vinyl for my sofa!

#27 - Day 99

Don't know if I mentioned it on here or not, but I am buying a house. 

I'm pretty stoked about it. The whole thing makes me feel like an actual adult now, not just some chick a few years out of college...a real live adult! Ha!

I close at the end of the month and I am trying to get rid of a lot of my furniture so I can start fresh and new with all my decorating. 

So I'm taking advantage of good ol' Craigslist! Here's the listing for the armoire

I'm selling this table as well.

I can't wait to move in and paint and get everything all nice and cozy! So here in a couple weeks, there are going to be a lot of pics documenting my new adventure of being a homeowner!

#27 - Day 98


#27 - Day 97

You said I must eat so many lemons,
cause I am so bitter.
I said, "I'd rather be with your friends 'mate, 
cause they are much fitter".

#27 - Day 96

This weekend my mom and I took a little road trip to visit my emo (aunt) in Missouri. The weekend was spent watching Korean soap operas (way more addictive than American TV), eating tons and tons of kimchee and making jjimpang (sp?) - these steamed buns filled with sweet red bean paste. I didn't take any photos of them after they were steamed... I was too busy eating them! 

Everytime we go to my emo's house, my mom brings a cooler so she can load up on all the different food emo makes from her garden. So now I have some jjimpang in my freezer for whenever I want a little snack! I also took some homemade mandu - Score! I think I'll make some yakimandu for lunch... yum!

#27 - Day 95

Spring is here!

I love almost everything about Bradford Pear Trees. I love the gorgeous white flowers in the spring and I love the bright colors they turn in the fall. 

I absolutely HATE how they smell. I think all the landscapers in every OKC suburb got together and decided this would be THE tree to plant in everyone's yard. Looks great, but during Spring Oklahoma smells like cat piss. 

#27 - Day 94

#27 - Day 93

at work.

#27 - Day 92

#27 - Day 91

#27 - Day 90

You spin me right round, baby right round...

I like the original version - not the weird Flo Rida cover. 

What's sad is that there are probably young people out there that have no idea it is a cover.

#27 - Day 89

Brayden is our Sunday afternoon entertainment.

#27 - Day 88

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

#27 - Day 87

If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it...

When I hear this song, the only thing I can picture is this

Not only does he dance better than me, but I'm pretty sure he looks better in that outfit than I would...

#27 - Day 86


#27 - Day 85

Happy Hour at Buddha Tao!

#27 - Day 84

#27 - Day 83

#27 - Day 82

#27 - Day 81

#27 - Day 81

#27 - Day 80

After ruining the roll of film from my day in Minco, I decided to drive by again and see how pics would turn out using the 35mm SLR compared to the photo I took with my digital.

#27 - Day 79

#27 - Day 78