Saturday, January 24, 2009

#27 - Day 50

One of my favorite restaurants - Sushi Neko. They have the best cocktail ever called the Starburstini. If you live in OKC, you HAVE to try it! I love how mixologists can blend the perfect amounts of random alcohols and fruit juices to form amazing tasting concoctions.

I also had the calamari roll (a staple whenever I eat there), the zebra roll, and salmon roe. Whenever I eat at a sushi restaurant, I like to try something new on the nigirisushi side of the menu. This has a tendency to gross out whomever I am dining with, which in turn gives me this weird feeling... I feel somewhat daring (even though it's not a big deal for me and I am used to more exotic foods seeing as I was raised eating raw squid, fermented cabbage, and herbal tea infused with deer antlers). I wonder if this is what Anthony Bourdain feels like, only multiplied by 3000. You gotta give the guy props - there is no way I would be able to down the beating heart of a cobra or a slice of rectum from a freshly killed (and uncleaned) warthog. But salmon roe... come on... I can handle that. It doesn't bother me that the little eggs resemble Nemo's siblings (pre-barracuda attack). I enjoyed the texture - they reminded me of Ice Breakers Liquid Ice, the beads bursting with the smallest amount of pressure. The thing I didn't like was the taste once the bead burst. It was so salty, I didn't even want to try choking down the second piece. I've never had seawater in my mouth, but I'm guessing the taste is pretty similar. So salmon roe joins baby smelt on the list of nigirisushi that I will not try again.

There are a few things that I do want to try. Blood sausage, head cheese and chicken feet. 

What are the most exotic foods you have eaten or want to eat?


Beth said...

The most exotic thing I have eaten is a gummy bear off of Angela's shoe.

Number9 said...

I remember that! Good times!

You should have Brad cook you something from scratch... that might turn out interesting and exotic!