Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not on The List....

        After a few months of contemplation I got my second tattoo on Friday! I wanted to get a bird to represent Matthew 6:25-26. I was looking online and found Artista Blog as well as this lovely little sketch. It was exactly what I had in mind! 

       I went to Cannibal Graphics and Curtis did an awesome job. It even hurt a lot less than my 1st tattoo. 

       I called my ultra-religious, conservative, anti-tattoo mom and let her and my dad know that I had gotten a tattoo and got the expected response. She heard the word "tattoo" and pretty much stopped listening, only expressing how she didn't get why I would want another one and questioning how many more I was going to get - This was the response I expected. Then I got a call from her today... and at the end of the conversation she brought up the tattoo. She wanted to make sure that I knew that she wasn't mad at me for getting the tattoo (I did), but that she just didn't understand tattoos. I was finally able to explain why I got the tattoo and to my surprise, she understood and liked the meaning behind it. Definitely didn't expect that. 

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