Monday, August 31, 2009

#27 - Day 265

Cleaned & reorganized my closet.

For someone who never has anything to wear, I found a lot of random clothes that either a) still had the tags, b) haven't been worn in the past year, or c) I forgot I even had.

Now I have a bag full of things I need to take by Daisy Exchange. Perhaps I'll get enough cash to buy a much needed new pair of jeans for the fall. Even after cleaning out my closet, I have 8 pair of jeans. Out of those 8 pair, I know I will only wear four - 2 pairs of skinnies (one dark wash, one light wash), 1 that's long enough for heels, and 1 short enough for flats.

Jeans shopping = no fun. I have yet to find someone that enjoys it. If there is a jeans shopping lover out there, please make your presence known. We would all like to throw rotten fruit at congratulate you.

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