Monday, August 17, 2009

#27 - Day 255

I always like finding out what kind of products people use on a daily basis - especially when it helps you figure out certain things about them and gives you little tips to steal! (ie. Like why someone always has that rosy glow or how they get their hair so soft or what fragrance they wear.)

Here are some products I use on a daily basis (from left to right):

1. Contact solution.
2. Dove deodorant. Love the smell of this - I use Dove Cucumber and Green tea body wash as well. Love the moisturizers.
3. Floss. Has to be mint-waxed. Cinnamon flavored things that are made to freshen breath/clean teeth (mints, gum, toothpaste, floss) gross me out and I will only take it in an act of desperation.
4. Burberry Summer. I'm not a huge perfume person. Never have been. This is the 1st fragrance I have bought in my 25 years of existence. Crazy, right? It's the 1st one that I have liked the smell enough to have it associated with - and I like that it's not ultra-popular. Walk by a woman wearing Clinique Happy, Ralph Lauren Romance or Chanel No.5 and not only can you name it, but guys,you can probably name a few women you know that wear the same thing and either have positive or negative associations with that scent. Kind of like how Cool Water automatically makes me think of the "way too cocky for his own good" football player I worked with at my first job, how Aqua de Gio takes me back to my 1st New Years Kiss, and how Hollister screams one of my college boyfriends.
5. Victoria Secret Lovespell lotion. It kinda smells like Kool-Aid. Oh yeah!!!
6. Paul Mitchell Spray Wax. Amazing for hold & texture. Takes 2-3 shampoos to get out though.
7. BedHead Masterpiece Hairspray.
8. Rose Salve. Use it on my cuticles and elbows at night, lips in the morning. Gotta love a product that has multiple uses.
9. Pola SakuraVeil Products. Everyone says I am so lucky to have Asian skin. What they don't understand is how hard it is to find products that work with oily Asian skin without drying it out or making it even oiler. My mom has been using Pola since I was little and I started using it in my early teens. My mom has wonderful skin and is often told she looks 10-20 years younger than she really is. She has always said that you need to start taking care of your skin before it's too late - I'm definitely taking her advice! I am not going to be a Botox lady! I use the toning lotion and moisture milk in the AM & PM and the t-zone purifying scrub once a week.
10. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. Ran out of Pola facial cleanser. Had to make due.
11.Ulta Dark Circle Intensive Eye Treatment. I have the curse of dark under-eye circles. I have yet to find a lotion/serum that will actually work effectively. This is definitely a revolving door of products. Ulta's still on it's trial run. It makes a good primer for my foundation (BareMinerals), so it might stick around a little longer than most.
12. Crest toothpaste. My toothpaste requirements: Has to be Crest (no clue why), must have whitening agents, must be mint flavored, gel>paste. I squeeze from the top. If I leave the water running while brushing, I am reminded of that cartoon where the pond behind a little boys house goes down and the fish start flopping around, and I immediately turn the faucet off. Also, I think that toothpaste commercials need to be more accurate - I don't know anyone that can brush their teeth without making at least a tiny bit of toothpaste foam.

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