Sunday, July 12, 2009

#27 - Day 217: Fabulous find!

Found these great chairs by my neighbor's curb for Big Trash Day. 

I've never done a big reupholster job, so this is going to be a fun and interesting DIY project. I took a lot of photos while I was stripping it down to the frame, so hopefully I'll be able to put everything back with the new fabric! 

I found some lovely goodies while I was tearing them apart... Cheetos, popcorn, a dime, bobby pins, and a magazine ad for cologne. I'm really tempted to find random stuff or write a note and place them in chairs and sofas at thrift stores. It's like a time capsule only cooler cause you wouldn't have any clue how long the things have been in there. Is this Oreo 6 months old or 60 years old? You'll never know...

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