Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#27 - Day 139

One thing that I love about my new house is that the landscaping is already done. I have zero green in my thumb. I am fairly proficient in watering, so hopefully I will be able to maintain all the work done by the previous owners.

When you buy a house, you often find random stuff that is left behind by the previous owners. When I lived with Christina, I found a brand new Pampered Chef saute pan and spatula in the attic. At this house, I found shiny black snakeskin print fabric safety-pinned into a bag, cat food stuck in cracks of cabinets, and this little Buddha figurine. 

It cracks me up and has become one of my favorite things in my yard. I don't know how he does it, but this little Buddha stays put during Oklahoma winds and hailstorms. 

I have thought about adding some other little trinkets to the garden, but I don't know if it will snowball... I don't want to become the neighbor with the big deer figurines in her front yard. Although I would take a deer over this.

Unless it was Halloween. Or April Fools. I would plant one in front of my neighbor's house and stake out the house so I can capture her reaction on video. Then I would submit that to America's Funniest Home Videos and win the $10,000 because that would totally be funnier than a video of a lizard crawling up a kid's nose or a video of a toddler hitting his dad in the nuts while playing t-ball. Besides, those types of videos are SO staged. They are staged, yet they try to pull it off like it wasn't. Lame. Tom Bergeron needs to get his act together and feature more zombies on the show. 

That's it. I'm totally going to buy 15 of those zombies. Sweet, they are totally in stock! Wait. 15 might get a little expensive. I wonder how much plaster it would take to make Abby-shaped zombies. I could make a mold and make hundreds of them and place them all around OKC. They could be like those buffalo statues all around town. Companies can pay me to paint an Abby-zombie with their logo on it. Their sales would quadruple and I would become rich and famous! Cha-Ching!

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