Tuesday, February 3, 2009

#27 - Day 62

I borrowed my dad's old 35mm SLR camera for this week. I love taking photos with it. There's just something about using film rather than going digital... I love the mystery of it all. There's no going back and re-doing a photo until it looks "just right". You just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. 

I spent a couple hours yesterday driving around rural Oklahoma - from Minco to El Reno - pulling over to the side of the road, walking past "No Trespassing" signs, and walking up and down small town Main Streets snapping photos and experimenting with the different lenses. There were some cool shots, hopefully they turned out as good as I wanted them to.

There was this moment that reminded me of Unphotographable. I was pulling into the VFW parking lot just as an elderly man was getting out of his van. He stood about 5'5", his grey hair pulled into a pony-tail that went past his shoulders. He wore denim cut-off shorts over black tights paired with black high-top converse. He wore a white Steelers jersey on top and had on aviator sunglasses, even though the sun had already begun to set. His late 70s conversion van had flames up and down the side, windows tinted, and "Shaggin' Wagon" written on the side. 

I was really tempted to walk into the building and take candid shots of the veterans as they watched the Super Bowl. If there was one quirky old man there, there had to be more! 

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